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Web Site Packages

Here at EkoVista.com we look at a website as a work of art. We believe that once created it takes on a life of its own in the visitors eye, much like an excerpt of prose, or a line in a poem.
We attempt to make the users experience as exciting as possible while still maintaining usability. If a site is not user friendly chances are that user will not come back. Now, if that user was a potential customer, you could really have a problem. Our Development Staff uses industry standard design techniques coupled with some cutting edge software to deliver this experience. read more

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eCommerce Packages

When we speak of the digital marketplace here at EkoVista.com we specifically mean eCommerce. read more

  • Sell Online
  • Easy to use wizards
  • Administration Backend
  • Customer Functionality
  • Product Functionality
  • Credit Card Processing

Custom Web Site Design

Our approach to custom web design work makes it hard to publish prices; each project is unique. We quote custom site design individually after a brief discovery period with the client(s). To get a project quotation, contact our sales department. read more


Content Management

EkoCms Content Management System (CMS) gives you the ability to make updates to all pages within the website. This means updating text and images on the fly. read more


Site Maintenance

Our maintenance packages are designed for the busy web site. If your website requires constant attention and updates, then sign up for a package.  read more